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Bush & Kyoto

President Bush recently announced that the United States Government will not honour its commitments under the 1997 Kyoto Protocol to reduce greenhouse gases. The United States produce 25% of the world's carbon dioxide, a gas that is believed to be the main contributor to global warming.

Rising global temperatures are known to raise sea levels, and change precipitation and other climate conditions. Changing climates alter forests, crop yields, and water supplies. It could also threaten human health, and harm birds, fish, and many types of ecosystems. An increase in weather-related disasters will occur, deserts may expand into existing rang lands, densely populated coastal areas will flood and large numbers of people will have to move.

Show you disagree with the Bush Administration's decision to withdraw from the 1997 Kyoto Protocol on Global Warming. Urge President Bush to review his policy in this matter and devise a comprehensive plan to reduce US emissions of so-called greenhouse gases.

PLEASE Sign your name, town, (State) and country of residence at the bottom of this message, cut, and copy the entire text (do NOT use the forward button), into a new message and send it to as many people as possible.  If you want your name posted on this site click here but, STILL FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS IN THIS PARAGRAPH!

If you see 100 people have signed this message before you, send this e-mail to the White House at to show Mr. Bush the world is watching. Then start a fresh copy of this message with your name as the first signer.

Thank you.

>1 Tom Gehrels, Toronto, Canada
>2 Ren Pottkamp, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
>3 Beppechien Bruins Slot, Haarlem, the Netherlands >4 Marloes Kraan, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
>5 Olmo von Meijenfeldt, Amsterdam, The Netherlands >6 Ben Vanmuysen, Leuven, Belgium
>7 Matthieu Gaillet, Bruxelles, Belgium
>8 Christelle Duvivier, Bruxelles, Belgium
>9 Yerik Nuññez, Madrid, Spain
>10 Christine Mertens, Paris, France
>11 Laure Toury, Brussels, Belgium
>12 Estelle Askew-Renaut, Brussels, Belgium
>13 Dorit McCann, Dublin, Ireland
>14 Dermot McLaughlin, Dublin Ireland
>15 John Burke, Belfast Ireland
>16 John McAuley, Belfast Ireland
>17 Tracy Dempsey, Belfast Ireland
>18 Charlotte Carson, Belfast, Ireland
>19 Andrea Browne, Belfast, Ireland
>20 Gavin Grant, Aberdeen, Scotland
>21 Veronica Mocsary, Stockholm, Sweden
>22 Andreas Lindergåård, Los Angeles, USA
>23 Shayna Sobol, Los Angeles, USA
>24 Malin Flynn, Cardiff, UK
>25 Pablo Fornéé, Lund, Sweden
>26 Bo Andersson, Malmöö, Sweden
>27 Henrik Johansson, Lund, Sweden
>28 Tove Altvall, Nacka, Sweden
>29 Jette Gabrieli, Copenhagen, Denmark
>30 Gutte Johansen, Denmark
>31 Connie Bach, Fensmark, Denmark
>32 Annette Mikkelsen , Nææstved , Denmark
>33 Helen Brugat,Hausleiten, Austria
>34 Henri Brugat, Hausleiten, Austria
>35 Tanja Simma, Vienna, Austria
>36 Achim Rothe, Berlin, Germany
>37 Masako Hamamura, Kobe, Japan
>38 Manfred Junker, Konstanz, Germany
>39 Margit Junker, Konstanz, Germany
>40 Phil Stockli, New York, United States
>41 Kim Bock, New York, United States
>42 Sila Cevikce,New York, United States
>43 Murat Aktihanoglu, New York, United States
>44 Tayfun "Turblox" Delic, New York, United States
>45 Viola Zimmermann, Zurich, Switzerland
>46 Martin Kubli, Zurich Switzerland
>47 Nico Wieland, Zurich, Switzerland
>48 Jana Nyvltova, Zurich, Switzerland
>49 Mona Fahmy, Zurich, Switzerland
>50 Joe Ehman, Denver, Colorado, USA