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     Fidel Castro, told Cubans that "someone with very little promise has taken charge of the great. . .empire we have as a neighbor."  Fidel obviously hopes King George is not as stupid as he seems.

    Castro may be correct in his statement.  During the past few weeks King George:

Broke campain promises:  During his campain, Resident George promised to reduce the amount of pollutants responsible for the greenhouse effect (global warming).  After meeting with industry leaders whose companies daily dump tons of these life threatening pollutants into the air, Dubya decided it would cost companies too much to reduce their poison.  Seems like profits before the environment, profits before people's life.  So much for the next generation.

Threatened America's drinking water: King George refused to reduce the legal amount of arsenic in water supplies and he might even approve an increase in the amount of arsenic allowed.

Put children and families at risk: cut funding (in his tax cut budget, you know, the budget where the rich get a tax refund for a new Lexus and the rest of us get a tax refund to buy a new muffler for our used car.) for kids health care and day care, and eliminates federal dollars to help the poor pay their rent.

What minority group is next?  People with disabilities, Native Americans, Pacific Islanders???  

 Dubya's Attorney General, John Ashcroft
recently explained reasons for the increase in school violence.  The racist right-winger, blames Hollywood and the media for the increase.  Say what John?  He believes today's violent movies, cartoons, and TV programs are directly responsible.  Hmmm...  I remember watching war movies, Tom & Jerry, Kojak, Starsky and Hutch, and other shows with violence.  We didn't have the plethora of school shootings then.  Aschcroft- you have flawed reasoning.

Back in the days I attended Jr. and Sr. High Scool we didn't have cops with their own school-based office, bullet proof vest, and hand gun in the school.  Today just about every school from elementary to high school has a cop assigned usually called, get this:  The Community Resource Officer.  

We didn't have district attroneys violate the constitution by fibbing and then tell the judge they'd do it again, we didn't have numerous cops charged with sexual misconduct, excessive force, drug use, lying on warrants and then killing the wrong peple at the wrong houses, conducting racial profiling (which Ashcroft supports)and on and on.  Not one of these characters lost their job or has been brought up on criminal charges.  The "Internal Affairs" always found "no wrong doing."

When young children see an adult carry a gun to school they think, why can't I do it, too?  When young children learn that these authority figures, who they're taught to trust, get away with flouting the law they think, geeze, I can do it, too.

Mr. Ashcroft, take a look at the crminal justice system, the system you as AG are responsible for.  It's broken.  Full of crooked cops, corrupt district attroneys, judges who don't know the law and misdirect juries, jailers who torture people behind bars, and on and on.  I say a correlation exists between the unscrupulous cops, judges, etc., and school violence more so than blaming the media.  Guess the media never contributed enough greenbacks to Ashcroft's political career.